Which payment methods are accepted for deposits?

We currently accept deposits through our integrated payment gateway. Our payment methods assure secure deposits and withdrawals, protecting our clients and ensuring that all funds are properly accounted for.

Is the Token in my BeFive Network investment portfolio an actual asset?

Yes. When you invest on our investment platform, we use an automated system based on consolidated token accounts to purchase the actual asset. This automated method simply helps us provide lightning-fast transaction times, increased security, and very straightforward user experience in terms of all your investment portfolios.

Do I need a crypto wallet in order to start investing on BeFive Network?

No. BeFive Network makes blockchain investment simple. There is no need to memorize complicated addresses and passwords for multiple digital wallets — all you need is your login credentials and you are all set to invest and plan your goals.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a distributed network of cryptographically secure database allowing the participant of the block network to establish a permanent record of transactional data blocks without the need for third parties. The blockchain network is only built to execute a variety of functions beyond transactions including the smart contracts as well. The smart contracts are simple digital agreement forms that are embedded in the form of codes without the inclusion of formats and conditions.

Blockchain technology is a proven technology that is known to offer superior security solutions in terms of coordinating data, tokenization, incentive designing, and reducing counterpart risks involved. In the crypto industry, the very first known Blockchain was the Bitcoin Blockchain which is a cryptographically advanced database technology.

How to seek customer support?

Our customer support team is available 24X7 to provide maximum assistance to your BeFive investment account. All you have to do is send us an email stating your queries and concerns. Our team will get back within 48 hours to resolve your issues for your disruptive experience with BeFive Network.

Can I transfer BeFive Token from one account to another?

Yes, you are allowed to transfer BeFive Token. All token transfers will happen within the network and a transfer charge will be levied on each transfer request.

Is it totally safe to trade on BeFive Network?

BeFive Network is one of the renowned investment platforms and the trades are completely safe on this platform. We have built the platform keeping the optimum security of traders in mind. Here, the trade orders are executed well on time on the exchange and we make sure that your funds are 100% secure.